by Tzpora

New Year Dawning
New Blessings Abound
No longer defined
By the wreckage behind
Re Cast by the Potter
Re-configured Redefined

Spirit Rising
Inspiration Flowing
Like Fire in Your Veins
Purging whispers of Pain
Birthing Dawn's New Name

Debilitated by Life
Electrocuted by Faith
Lean in to your Power

Dare you to run
Toward the Light of the Son

Young Soul it's Your Time...

To Rise up... Shine
Bless The Lord
With your Soul
Sing A New Song

Keep Up! Live Strong
Tempo Tempo…

Habari Yako?
A New Year Reborn!

Madiba Mandela
Fearless and Brave
A man for all seasons
Left us so many reasons
To cry, To laugh

Madiba Mandela
You’ve come and
Given us a compass
Planted within us
a perspicacious prose
written in a tongue the heart only knows

Madiba Mandela
Now you’ve left us
with mouths wide open shut
With a longing, and indefinable stirring of gut

Madiba Mandela
We want to reclaim you
But you say no
“I’ve given you enough”
Madiba Madiba – it’s true
You’ve Left us in disguise
Something Stronger Than Pride

Madiba Mandela
We heard the sound of gates 
Flung wide open as they lifted up their heads
To let you in
We saw the silent nod 
From your Maker
And we understood

Madiba Mandela
Mover and Shaker
Of the Earth
Soul Whisperer

Madiba Mandela
Ninety Five
Minus Twenty Seven
Equals the lifetime
It took To fulfill the Book

Madiba Mandela
We Muse
about you and
The One
Who Fashioned you in love
And sent you from eternity
With an open Love letter
Written and imprinted by a sacred Hand

Madiba Mandela
We’ve read and We understand
All the writings on the wall of your prison cell
You were sent.... 

You came 
Like a conquering soldier
You've Left us.....
To tell The perpetual Love Story
Of the fearless and the brave

Tribute to Madiba

by Tzpora

PictureKaren Margulis
The Pulley    
by Tzpora

Look Away
Way across the Green
Keen attention to dots of colors
Flowers of joy and peace rising
Taking you miles from the task at hand
Land staking claim to skull and bones
Moans and groans intermingle with squeaks and screeches

Speeches of hope and eternal rest
Breast full of pain and sorrow                                      
Tomorrow still to come                                             
But, today demands your attention,                            
Pretensions will never quite fully                          
Dull the sounds of the Pulley   

But, try as it may, 
The pulley
Can never fully 
Place in its hold 
The soul of the unencumbered spirit rising


I want to extend my gratitude to Zimmerman for snuffing out the life of the wrong child. In  shooting to kill, your bullet inadvertently traveled through Trayvon's heart and lodged into ours. So now we are choking on our own blood.  Our temperature is rising as we work feverishly to save our own lives and the lives of all our children. 
Even as my heart is bleeding 
I'm hastily forgiving 
Zimmerman, Judas and the Taliban.  
I'm deliberately conserving 
my energy for the work at hand 

Friends, Neighbors, Humans and Countrymen, there is an urgent need to channel this agitation of YourSpirit into something greater than the tragedy at hand. As the verdict reverberates through our collective psyche, tugging and pulling, heightening our awareness of our shared humanity.... .....Shattering our reverie...where do we go from here.... 
As for me and my house.
I'm thanking  Zimmerman
for waking me up this morning,
turning me around 
and setting my feet even more firmly on solid ground.
For rescuing me from the sleepy stupor of complacency. 

Together with our children, I will deliberately reconstruct
The circumstance of history that led to these heinous deeds
Nourish and nurture, mentor and instruct, guide and direct
As we perform the prerequisite assessment of needs

People it's Time to  Collaborate to Fix the Disconnect

Our girls and our boys were not born to die like flies
You must understand that they were born to rise 
no matter their hue
give them their due
respect and dignity
This was no sheriff or his deputy
 that you swear you shot in self defense
 but a child walkin and talkin
 tryin to make his way home.


What do Trayvon Martin, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Jesus have in common? They  died so humanity can live and live more abundantly

End Note
Zimmer you offer us a glimmer of greater things that are yet to come. We are now re configuring and re calibrating  the true meaning of a humanizing pedagogy. With renewed vigor and rigor drawn from the blood of the Malalas and Trayvons,  we're going to mentor the Hell out of the lives of our girls and boys. With laser like precision we'll do what we can to rescue our children from a hellish reality, born out of the misperception that they are not worthy.
~ Tzpora


So I had the best time talking with my cousin yesterday. It was totally "unscheduled" girl time but nonetheless powerful beyond measure. Spontaneous combustion to say the least.
   Our conversation ran the gamut....we talked about the beautiful shade of rust material her purse was made of... but we also talked about the backpacks she was filling with donated items for students going back to school ....and we talked about the social she was planning with her business partner for back to college kids in the fall.... and the Ignite your Purpose conference she'd be attending with her business partner Krystal in Atlanta.

Phew! and I thought I was busy. This girl is on fire! 
Then we took a breather to say goodbye to the guys (my boys and their dad) and then we really got to talking! This was by no means pointless girl prattle or empty pontification but really it was one of the more enjoyable conversations I've had in a long time. There  was some really deep and meaningful dialogue between our souls.  If you must know, we also talked about the difference between abstinence and celibacy and the need for adolescents and adults alike to be clear about their choices.
 Furthermore we examined what the bible has to say about the impact of those choices on our body temples. I will venture here to say that,  anyone who attempts to exact undue influence on you to make unsafe choices is not a credible witness.
Of course that line of conversation led us down the path to then talk about the perils and pleasures of relationship building in our age of instant gratification and the ubiquitous 'ME'.

 In light of that we discussed the work of a cutting edge author named  Armani  who wrote the book, 'This is Why I Won't Marry You'. This is a writer who  is definitely gifted with insights into relationship building. Whenever someone tells you that one of the hallmarks of a relationship (or a good life for that matter) is to forgive and forget quickly and easily, then you do need to sit up straight and listen. Armani has obviously tapped into a zone of scriptural truth and spiritual enlightenment.
Our conversation progressed in its deep ascent towards the philosophical construct of Truth. Yes, that truth that we were told as children to speak and speak it well cost it what it will.  My cousin, by the way, has never lost the childlike knack for speaking  Truth with clarity and precision. Thankfully she never developed those adult censors we all have, but at the same time she has a laser like sensor for what people need to hear at just the right time. ( This is her gift and purpose). We were giggling about how Jesus always spoke the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the Truth and how in talking with the pharisees about themselves, the truth is all that Jesus had to tell, even though it hurt like hell. 

The girl talk then turned from  Truth to the lies women and men tell themselves as a coping mechanism in this world of Trauma, Trouble, Temptation and Television. Television in my opinion being the trigger for all the other T's. The stuff television programming is made of is at an all time low save for the highs brought to us by shows such as OWN's Lifeclass.  Or the all time high brought to us by  Discovery in  Nik Wallenda celebrating God as he hangs in the balance on a wire slung high across the Grand Canyon literally. (no lie).
Nik Wallenda Faith Rising

Some times  its hard to decide on what you will believe your eyes or your spirit. Yes we sometimes struggle earnestly with what our spirit is trying to tell us-  It can be a struggle to dim the din of our internal voices. Not to mention the din of external crises such as the CNN report on the San Francisco Asiana Airlines crash that caught our attention literally mid sentence as we sat on my living room couch. There will always be Breaking News arresting our attention, demanding our participation, but we must  befriend silence in order to find a compass. As we sat together and watched the news in silent disbelief we both knew in our spirits that we were watching a miracle unfold.

I won't bore you with much more of our conversation, but one of the last and most important things we talked about is the need for our young girls and boys to have a mentor in their lives.  Once we have done the hard work of working on ourselves by dutifully showing up for our own life classes, then its time to reach back into our communities and give a hand up to girls and boys who were Born to Rise. Reach back to encourage them not to settle for the mediocre, but rather,  to elevate the level of their own talk to the realm of wisdom and understanding -  mindful of matters of the heart and the mind of God.

I made two subconscious decisions during this 'unscheduled' talk with my cuz.  The first one is that, sometimes being too busy for anything, accomplishes nothing. Secondly I am just going to go ahead and START that  book club I've been TALKING about.  It's Time for us girls to do a BookTalk Rising.  Shoot me an email me with suggestions for the title for our first book.  Email: Tzpora@stelmosfire.org and be sure to join in the conversation here.

Love and Blessings

'Girls Talkin'

As your purpose 
aligns with your passion

you double life's pleasure
your joy's without measure
the possibilities are endless, 
the benefits tremendous
Ignite YourPassion
Activate YourPurpose

                                               ~ Tzpora

Everbody's got a Story to Tell
Unlock Your Soul Say It Well
Before you exist there is but one soliloquy for humanity   a singular GIST

 Then from stage left the newborn emerges with its indignant yodel
indicative of doom Jarred from its romper room…. in the  womb.....delivered into the cradle.


The babe in arms gurgles an ode to the milky way
Not much  to say by way of an in depth commentary. There from its suspended state of euphoria
Offers, but a main idea born of a milk induced stupor.

A cruising toddler knows and tells no lies
Sees no guile
In its circuitous  tall tales of no. ......Oblivious to its 
Ere comes the phase of youthful eyes, looking
through glass........
At  Adolescence
Marked by blooming bluebonnets and lavender
fields, sun kissed turquoise shores, cityscapes encrusted in a billion points of twinkling lights, mosaic inlayed mosques; Easter hats, dresses and polo matches…. a life of bliss
Enumerated in journals with fountain or rose colored pens of variegated ink…
pretty in pink.
All the while with your story balled up in your
head….going nowhere

And what of love 
Perhaps a grown up fairy tale of Cinderella 
What is your potion….. What is it that is written  for you in the stars?
Is it  an epic love
trilogy of Tristan and
Isolde that may yet
 A doomed throw back to
A tragedy of the stuff
Aida was made of ?
Your Love story coming at you from the west side with
destructive gale force winds
from the East
 Take two......
A Google eye view of a teen hood ruptured
Squinting at life
through Shattered glass 

At the other side of midnight 
Life on a stage built for
a different script.....  
A different booklist filled with routines and themes of
endless turmoil
Here lies unfinished drafts of Bleeding sweat
in stifling shops;
Terrifying Tippy Toe Treks through
Merciless Minefields
Sweltering Safaris
mud holes
for a drink of
water before you die.....
Imploding your reverie into smithereens.....
Love Gems as yet unspoken Falling silently from your lips….
into the dust
Undulating no more; your unrythmic hips......
 lay unreponsive; fractured ….   devoid of lust
With Dewey Eyes flung wide open in  disbelief on first sight of the seedier side of love

And all the while your grown up Christmases are coming at you fast and


Life and death, Love and War, Joy and Pain   happening at warp speed… faster than
your pen can fly across the page.  YourLife becomes a constant struggle to accurately Capture and Post YourPurpose and  existence on the Wall of the Universe. 

Frustration sets in and you switch genres in desperation; in an effort to manage the birth pangs of your unfinished story. Your poetry becomes prose; Truth reads like fiction; Your world has come undone. 
But wait…. there is that glimmer of somethingness;  that insurgency in your soul that cries out and looks back in wonder at the nothingness from whence you came.  A soul poised in  readiness to receive and  accept the comforting overtures made by mother nature. A Soul that embraces those unexpected moments of restoration of faith in human nature... And then…..There’s that soul stirring glimpse of the Mind of your Maker……. 

These saving Graces give voice and
Proffer meaning and avenues through the
Provides A Centre that can
The GIST of a story that MUST be


Another year has gone by and we are on the cusp of a New Year. Our planet is coming of age and so are its inhabitants. Coming of Age means many things to different people and the timing may also vary widely in diverse cultures. We can safely concur that an advancement in years in most cultures is associated with wisdom and maturity.

But what does it mean in terms of spiritual maturation? I submit that A Healthy Fear of God moves us exponentially towards wisdom and understanding. As human beings we wrestle with the idea of an all powerful, all knowing  God.   As life happens to us we can allow our experiences  to mould our existence and shape our acceptance of the I AM ness of  God. Our faith  is a catalyst for the  enlightening of our souls and a lightening of our Load.  A maturing faith embodies the beginning of true understanding.

Some indicators of how much 'you've grown' is a healthy recognition of what life is worth. 
 When material things begin to gather dust at your feet as the well being of other human spirits occupy your thoughts and desires, then you can 'almost safely' say you're on your way. .

Spiritual maturity causes such things as minor human infractions to recede into the crevasses of life (which is where they belong).
The glittering jewels of childrens' smiles, relationships restored, and  kingdom building figure more prominently in the fabric of your life. A well worn fabric threaded with the minor and the major, the hurt and the healing, the Power and the Glory.

And all the while our submission to God ensures that we're becoming.... Growing wiser, better, bolder, braver, more beautiful and blessed among men and women. Coming of age means a healthy respect for the Giver and the gift of Life. And with that knowledge comes the uncommon understanding that with each day and new year's dawning  comes the urgency to make every minute count.
Happy New Year 2013